BE.CORE is Stockholm's leading boutique gym. We offer classes in Megaformer, Barre and Cycle and operate on a pay as you go basis with no membership, with all payments and booking online. For first timers we have a introductory offer! BE.CORE is open seven days a week from early morning to late evening. We offer all our classes in English several times per week, please send us an email or ask in reception for more info. 

MEGAFORMER uses the Lagree method, a unique workout inspired by pilates using the Megaformer for a full body workout. Starting in Los Angeles 2001, with studios now all over the world the Lagree Method uses slow and controlled full body movements with constant tension to work your muscle fibers to failure, forcing them to rebuild a more sculpted, leaner and stronger body!

Often described as "pilates on crack" each session is designed to strengthen the core, burn fat, build lean muscle without bulk, improve endurance and jump-start your metabolism. Our state of the art
 patented Megaformers are designed to cater to both upper and lower body muscles using a system of springs and pulleys to accommodate the
 resistance and counter-resistance elements of the workout.

Expect 50 minutes of full-body conditioning and fun music in a small group setting of only up to ten people per class. The Megaformer workout is non-impact yet high intensity and simultaneously incorporate cardiovascular and resistance training. We can accomodate all fitness levels and under
 the guidance of your skilled and certified instructor, BE.CORE offers you a safe and effective body-transforming workout. 

Our BARRE class offers the perfect combination of graceful yet energetic movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance and challenge the core. With elements of ballet, pilates and yoga each class is 55 minutes of continous flow that strengthens, lengthens and fine tunes to sculpt your body like a ballerina. It's up tempo and fun, and you will experience a workout that delivers immediate results!

CYCLE is an indoor cycling program where the journey is as important as the destination. We dedicate ourselves to help you reach outside your comfort zone. We are committed to a positive attitude, support for your teammates and respect for yourself. Each 50-minute ride combines music with movement for a ride that is intense, effective and fun. BE.CORE Cycle is different than a traditional indoor cycling programme - along with a strong focus on athletic performance, we ride as a pack to the rythm of the music.You will experience a full-body workout alongside your teammates while dancing in-sync with your BE.CORE Cycle leader.



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